Special Needs Guru, the first special needs resource directory in Singapore for those with unique needs, welcomes you. 


Ours is Singapore’s first special needs directory. It points you to therapists, counsellors, schools, and other services. Look through our comprehensive list of schools to find the right one for your child. You’ll find a cab that can service him if he has mobility issues. 

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What We Do

We are a socially conscious organisation that promotes an inclusive society. We do this by providing those belonging to the special needs community with necessary resources. 

Special Needs Directory

Our Goal

It’s frustrating scrambling for resources when you need them the most. Special Needs Guru makes everything more accessible by putting all of them together. Our portal aims to provide the special needs community with the resources that will improve their lives. We also help special needs kids by collating the media, videos and information they need. Special Needs Guru helps the disabled by pointing them to the resources they need to improve their mobility. By being a one-stop special needs directory, we offer convenience and ease. 

Services Our Special Needs Directory Offers

If you aim to grow your special needs business, do list it on our site. We will help you take it to the next level. Besides site listings, we review services so that those with special needs will know about them. Parents, caregivers, and anyone with a connection to the special needs community will find our special needs directory helpful. We will promote the services you offer on social media. A push from us and your business is all over the World Wide Web. People who need your help will know about you quickly. 

Contact Our Special Needs Directory

Do navigate to our contact page if you wish to list your business in our special needs directory. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any burning questions about how our resource directory works. We are on hand to help, at any time. All it takes is a single phone call. mywot6a58cf550290922542b9