Adaptive RIding: Healing Horses provides therapy with finesse and a full heart

Adaptive RIding: Healing Horses provides therapy with finesse and a full heart
Adaptive Ridinv

Adaptive Riding at Healing Horses
Credit: Chithra Rogers and adaptive riding

Is adaptive riding therapeutic?

Do you want to reach out to others? Chithra Rogers answers ‘yes’ to both questions.. The founder of Healing Horses has successfully brought Adaptive Riding therapy to children with unique needs in Singapore.

The History of Healing Horses

Chithra always had a flair for horse racing. So intense was her passion that she enrolled at the Australian Racing Institute in Brisbane, Australia, to learn more about it. She joined the racing industry as a trainee jockey when she returned to Singapore.

Chithra volunteered at the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), Australia, while serving as a stable manager. It was then that she discovered her other passion for helping children with special needs.

A believer in lifelong learning, Chithra pursued her studies in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology. After working with kids who have Autism, Chithra set up Healing Horses, Singapore’s first indoor Adaptive Riding organization. It caters to children and teenagers who have unique needs. She has also opened a multi-sensory play center, and it is affiliated with her program. Chithra attends training sessions locally and overseas to learn about the latest interventions. She is a member of PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) International.

Chithra is an advocate of early intervention. She knows that children can gain most from therapy sessions if they begin them earlier.

Adaptive Riding at Healing Horses

Adaptive or therapeutic riding is equine-assisted. It develops children with special needs mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. It also offers opportunities for recreation.

Chithra shows that a disability doesn’t have to limit a person from riding horses. She proves that Adaptive Riding is healing. Because it mimics a person’s walk, riders will improve their flexibility, muscle strength, and balance. Healing Horses has helped children with physical disabilities, Autism, and social disorders overcome their handicaps.

Why Healing Horses is Therapeutic

Why is the program so helpful? Beautiful things happen when a child undergoes one of Chitra’s therapy sessions.Research has proven the extensive benefits of Adaptive Riding.

First of all, children with physical disabilities become stronger and overcome their handicaps. Shirley’s daughter, Clarabelle, has Hypotonia and has undergone adaptive therapy since October 2016. Her muscle strength, gait, and coordination have improved tremendously since. Samantha, whose daughter Izzy has also gone through the therapy sessions, says that Izzy can now do 20 sit ups when she couldn’t before. Her balance has also improved.

Adaptive Riding also helps children to cope with their feelings. The calming presence of a horse helps them control compulsive behaviors and rein in their emotions.

Finally, they learn to overcome their fears. A child loses his feelings of inadequacy after learning to ride the right way. Children also learn that they can reach their goals if they put their minds to them.

Visit Healing Horses, and experience the healing power of adaptive riding. It’s therapy that promises to change a child’s life.