Books and supplies are the greatest concerns of anxious parents.

Their children's education ranks the highest on their list of priorities. Finding the right books and supplies for children with special needs is a challenge. Parents have to decide comfortable reading levels for them. Moreover, there's the issue of whether the books are engaging enough. Yes, scrambling for the right books and learning supplies is a headache. But it's not impossible. These vendors have books and supplies pitched at the right levels for children with unique needs. They are here to help your child if he has reading difficulties. They sell books and learning supplies that are age and reading-appropriate. Do browse through their offerings.

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Founded by Choo Kah Ying, a parent of a child with moderate autism, Awakening Minds aims to raise awareness of autism through books and articles.

As its name suggests, September 21 Enterprise Pte Ltd is the brainchild of a group of entrepreneurial people. It provides early childhood and primary school teaching resources.