Day activities centers are a lifeline for parents with children who have special needs.

Those with disabilities need involvement in energizing, motivational activities. You may want to refer to these day activities centers because they encourage their development. Also, parents who need centers which offer stimulating activities may refer to any of the day activities centers on this list. The benefits of day activities include increased socialization and self-confidence. The also provide opportunities to foster a more inclusive society. Each of these centers takes care of the activities and daily needs of special needs children. Some of them Those who offer Day Activities Services are welcome to list them with us. Do navigate to our Contact Us page for more details.

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The Singapore Chesire Home rehabilitates, encourages and gives hope to children with special needs. It caters to the seriously disabled with a host of activities.

Touch Centre for Independent Living believes that individuals with intellectual disabilities can reach their full potential. It provides competency training programs for those with mild disabilities. Visual arts programs cater to their enrichment.