Financial Management for Young Adults with Autism

Financial Management for Young Adults with Autism

Financial Management for Special Needs Kids
A lack of financial management skills is a stumbling block on the road to independence for young adults with Autism, according to a recent study.

Financial Management skills inspire confidence in these children. There is some concern that schools should do more to emphasize them. 

Financial Management for Autistic Kids: The Research

The University of Missouri studied teenagers and youth with Autism. Most of them understood adult responsibilities such as paying bills and filing taxes, but most had anxieties about them.

Study leader Nancy Cheak-Zamora, an assistant at the School of Health Professions mentioned that Autistic youth expressed frustration at their limited financial abilities. The study revealed a need to help them improve their money knowledge. Schools and parents should play their part in helping them.

Financial Mangement for Autistic Kids: The Findings and Implications

Financial Management skills are not often within the teaching purview of professionals who work with Autistic children. These experts and schools should emphasize financial literacy.

The researchers stress that financial institutions should do more to nurture individuals with special needs.