Artificial Intelligence Changing Lives: The Neurolat Program

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just a figment of human imagination; it’s a reality that’s set to improve lives. The SeaCare Corporation and Dr. Ng Meng Lek have made this a possibility.

They introduce NeuroLAT, the world’s first, proven, accelerated AI program. This revolutionary tool increases human intelligence in breathtaking amounts.

What is NeuroLAT?

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Ms. Lynn See
Manager, Business Development
Southeast Asia and Australia


Ms. Lynn See
Manager, Business Development
Southeast Asia and Australia

Introducing the program is none other than Ms. Lynn See, NeuroLAT’s Business Development Manager for Southeast Asia and Australia. She gives insight into the nature of artificial intelligence, how Dr. Ng has tailored it for the digital era, and most importantly, how it raises learning abilities.

Ms. See explains that the NeuroLAT program is the newest subsidiary of the SeaCare corporation. Its a life-changing program set to change the way children learn forever. It is the brainchild of Dr. Ng Meng Lek, renowned psychologist and Asia’s leading authority on Higher Learning Abilities.

Dr. Ng developed NeuroLAT as a series of compelling training courses aimed at heightening a child’s learning abilities, and they have achieved this aim. He has brought to the digital era the same techniques that 19th Century German Pastor Karl Witte used to train his son, who had Down’s Syndrome. Witte’s son spoke six languages by age 9 and earned his Ph.D. in philosophy at age 14. He attained his second Ph.D. in Law at 16 and began teaching in a university in his twenties. He is The Guinness Book of World Record’s youngest Ph.D. holder to date. The record has stood for over 200 years.

NeuroLat’s History

The NeuroLAT journey began in 1992 when Dr. Ng and his wife, Dr. Lui Yoke Fong, noticed that many low-income families could not afford the help their children needed to cope with school life. That seeded the idea of an organization that could help such families.

In 1995, Dr. Ng, who already had a care facility, made it a non-profit organization. Its goal was to help families in need. The center took in over 130 latchkey children. Dr.Ng went on a quest to overcome Autism and other learning difficulties. In an interview with The Star, Dr. Ng shared that he had spent many years finding out why children could not learn. He concluded that they had difficulties because of physiological and psychological problems. Some could not learn because they had little cognitive abilities.

Dr.Ng became a featured guest on radio programs. It was after one of them that he began treating Wei Zhe, who had an IQ of 67. We feature his story below.

Dr. Ng then launched a unique online program, NeuroLAT, last year. Powered by artificial intelligence, it analyzes a user’s abilities and offers customized education programs.

Meet NeuroLat’s Creator, Dr. Ng Meng Lek

Dr. Ng Meng Lek, Ph.D. Psychology
Creator, NeuroLAT
It is, of course, vital to get to know the innovator of this program, Dr. Ng Meng Lek.

Dr. Ng specialized in cultural research in Vancouver, Canada. The esteemed psychologist founded the Arianas Learning Centre in 1992 and has trained over 10000 people with learning difficulties. He is also a part of an American Intelligence Research Centre.

The internationally recognized speaker travels worldwide to conduct parenting, educational psychology, and learning psychology seminars.

Dr. Ng often highlights how play can heighten a person’s intelligence quotient. He is a regular guest on Love 97.2 FM, Capital 95.8 FM and a UFM 1003.

In an interview with The Straits Times, the learning difficulties expert encouraged parents not to give up hope of autistic children being able to learn because it is always possible to stretch their abilities.

61-year-old. Dr. Ng has written widely read articles in the fields of child development. His research has uncovered the hidden geniuses in autistic children. To help them with learning and socialization, he has designed countless diagnostic tests and training programs.

The NeuroLAT Process

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The NeuroLAT Learning Program trains all aspects of learning. For a start, it enhances cognition, or the ability to process information. It also strengthens a child’s memory and convergent production, or the ability to generate logical answers to problems. Parents can use NeuroLAT to enhance the evaluation skills of children; the program teaches them to assess situations and make sound judgments. It develops Divergent Production, or a child’s creative processes, as well. The program analyzes a user’s learning abilities.

NeuroLAT addresses over 30 learning abilities, in sync with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum for all ages.

These include:

1. Vocabulary
2. Sequencing
3. Evaluation
4. Observation
5. Relationships
6. Combinations
7. Details Memorization
8. Classifications Abilities
9. Visual/Auditory Memory
10. Understanding concepts

Please refer to the program’s details on its website for a full range of abilities it covers.

Each of them has nine levels. For each level is a set of questions created with a child’s biological age in mind. The questions are specific to his learning needs, and allow the program to gauge his abilities. The application uses his answers to decide if he can progress to the next level of learning.

At the heart of this program is artificial intelligence. NeuroLAT harnesses the power of AI; it shows Dr. Ng’s creative genius. Using the program is much like having him speak to a child live.

NeuroLAT is not a standard artificial intelligence program. Instead, it generates questions specific to a child’s learning level. As the child answers the questions, the program calculates his learning rate and pushes him up the levels, accordingly. He must complete at least 30 lessons within three months to move to the next level of learning and can finish more if he feels ready.

Those who use the program will receive three reports regarding their child’s learning progress over nine months. An executive summary comes with the third assessment. It will tell them more about their children’s preferred learning styles and cognitive capabilities. The program helps them to expand these areas.

How NeuroLat Will Benefit Children With Special Needs

artificial intelligence and special needs

NeuroLat uses artificial intelligence to help kids with Special Needs

NeuroLAT has benefited many, as more than 1200 people will share. The program has many fundamental factors that explain its success.

1. NeuroLAT raises intelligence quotients

First of all, the program increases IQs, seen in the way children with learning difficulties like Wei Zhe (described below) are now attending mainstream schools.The questions generated by the program become increasingly challenging, which allows it to decide how well its user has learned. They become harder only when he is ready to move to the next learning level.

2. Versatility

Also, this program has many uses. NeuroLAT develops the intelligence of children and adults. It has helped to enhance the cognition of people with mild dementia. Note that they have to consume water soluble and molecularly distilled Omega-3 that is free from mercury.

3. Fun

What makes a learning program stand out is its ability to engage. NeuroLAT generates brain teasers that give users a challenge. These challenging questions stretch their minds and keep them glued to their computer screens.

4. Convenience

Furthermore, it is convenient to use the program. It is accessible anywhere there is a computer. All that users need are their passwords.

5. Customized

Customization is a top draw of this program. The questions that NeuroLAT generates are specific to the learning needs of its users. These users guide a user to higher levels of learning but at his pace.

6. Enhances Intelligence Quotients

Does NeuroLAT make a child smarter? The answer is yes. It increases his IQ in a few short weeks or months, depending on his needs.

7. The child only needs to use it 20 mins a day

Furthermore, using it does not take much time. All a child needs to do is spend 20 minutes on it on average each day, over time.

NeurolLAT Artificial Intelligence: Featured Successes

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1.Wei Zhe

Wei Zhe’s struggles with learning are not apparent. The teenager has creativity, which he shows through his Lego models.

Wei Zhe’s mother brought him to an educational psychiatrist because of his learning difficulties. The doctor tested him and found that he had an IQ of 67. Worried, Wei Zhe’s mother sought help for her only son. After listening to Dr. Ng on a radio program, she asked for his advice.

Dr. Ng discovered Wei Zhe’s host of learning difficulties and enrolled him in the NeuroLAT program. Wei Zhe returned to the psychiatrist for a second test. The boy’s IQ had increased to 88. It improved to 111 when the psychiatrist tested him a third time.

Wei Zhe does well in a mainstream secondary school today. He has outperformed his peers in Design and Technology.

2. A Youth With Autism

The NeuroLAT program has proven to help people overcome autism.

The Autistic Society of Malaysia introduced the NeuroLAT program to 20-year-old youth. Trainers guided him through the program; he answered the questions three times daily.

The young man has made great strides since using the program. He has gained greater self-awareness and raised his cognitive abilities. He has also improved socially and no longer loses himself in computer games. The young man is also able to acknowledge his family members.

3. Mdm Yan Qin, China

NeuroLAT improves learning abilities, as many parents will say.

Mdm Yan Qin, who put her child through the program, saw a significant improvement in the boy’s grades. Her son answered the questions before attending a P6 Listening Comprehension examination. He completed it without difficulty, and when he received his results, found that he had topped his school. He had also broken the record set in Chinese schools.

The Goals of the Program

This program aims to help every child reach his full potential. Job Matching is a priority; NeuroLAT identifies a person’s skills and guides him to choose a suitable career for himself.

A Seminar On Learning Difficulties

Dr. Ng will conduct a seminar, Helping Children With Specific Learning Difficulties, on the 18th of November, during which the audience will experience the power of NeuroLAT.

Those who buy it now will get $200 worth of vouchers for Intervention programs. It is a chance for parents to enhance their children’s learning and cognition.

In all, artificial intelligence is the future; it enhances a person’s well being and changes his life.