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About Special Needs Guru

Welcome to Special Needs Guru, a special needs resource directory that tells you everything about coping with Unique needs and challenges. So. why should you visit us?

Our information-packed website has articles on managing disabilities and their related concerns. Our site introduces the types of therapy that are beneficial and nurturing. Ours is a special needs resource directory that will help you develop children holistically.

First Resource Directory for Special Needs in Singapore

Special Needs Guru has the honour of being the first directory in Singapore for people who face physical and mental obstacles. We stand out because we are the first ones to compile all the resources those with unique challenges need.

A One-stop Special Needs Resource Directory

Read Special Needs Guru, and you will find that you will not have to look for resources elsewhere. We have details on merchants and centres that specialize in managing disabilities in Singapore. You will find someone who has your child’s interests at heart.

Our site is useful because you can find what you need on particular challenges. Most importantly, we tell you how to overcome them in positive, fun ways.
Our special needs resource directory is also a useful one for merchants because it offers chances to connect with parents and interest groups. Do contact us, and we will show you how you can help.

The Resources We Have Included

We have included special-needs-friendly resource lists. Parents will find it useful because they contain everything that will enhance their children’s lives.

If you wish to find a suitable education institution for your child, it is here. Find schools that cater to the day-to-day management of special needs.

Transport is a challenge for children with disabilities due to mobility. It is no longer an issue because you can find vendors who offer it on our site.

Playing is essential because it encourages holistic development. We suggest various forms of recreation and point you to the vendors who specialize in them.

Building an Inclusive Society

The aim of this site is to foster a culture that accepts and nurtures children with disabilities. Therefore, the creators hope that these resources will help in their integration into mainstream society.

Browse through this directory and find what you need instantly. If you have burning questions on unique needs, do navigate to our Contact Us page.

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