How to Help Special Needs Children with Anxiety Disorders

Everyone faces stressful situations, sometimes on a daily basis. The pressure is significant for special needs children with anxiety disorders.  Anxiety is a constant struggle, particularly for children with special needs. Special Needs Guru explains anxiety disorders and discusses coping strategies. What is an Anxiety Disorder? Anxiety Disorders are mental dysfunctions characterised by fear and […]

Special Needs Youth Encouraged to Become Special Needs Athletes

Youth with Special Needs Should become Special Needs Athletes Singapore’s Culture, Community, and Youth Minister Grace Fu called for more individuals with special needs to become Special Needs Athletes, owing to the successful showing of para-athletes at the Asian Games in Jakarta. The Singapore team claimed three gold, two silver, and five bronze medals. She made these remarks […]

Types of recreational therapy that will help a child with special needs

Therapy is a necessary tool for children with special needs. It is a tool for their personal, social and physical growth. However, sessions can seem mundane. Good news is that you can help your child enjoy them. Fun heals; recreational therapy can boost your young one’s physical, intellectual, and emotional development. Special Needs Guru introduces […]